European elections6-9 June 2024

The President of the European Commission


The President of the European Commission sets the Commission’s policy agenda and decides on the organisation of the Commission.

The Commission President represents the Commission at meetings of the European Council, G7 and G20 summits, summits with non-EU countries and during major debates in the European Parliament and the Council.


One of the first tasks of the newly elected Parliament is to elect a President of the European Commission.

Following several resolutions adopted by the Parliament, this procedure begins before the European elections with the lead candidate process, when European political parties announce their candidates for the role. The candidate whose political group gets more seats is seen as a logical first choice.

The leaders of EU countries nominate a candidate for Commission President taking into account the results of the European elections. The nominated candidate delivers a statement to the newly-elected MEPs and takes part in a plenary debate with them.

The candidate for Commission President needs to receive approval from Parliament with the support of at least half of all MEPs plus one in a secret vote.

If the candidate does not receive the required majority, the European Council must propose an alternate candidate in the maximal period of one month.

The European Council officially appoints the successful candidate as President of the European Commission.