European Elections 2024


  • A map with all 27 European Union countries

    What are European elections?

    In European elections,

    people in the European Union vote for members

    to represent them in the European Parliament.

    The European Union is known as the EU.

    Elections take place in all 27 EU countries.

  • A calendar with the text '5 years' and an arrow forming a circle next to it

    How often do European elections take place?

    Elections take place every 5 years.

    The last elections were in May 2019.

  • A calendar with the text '6-9 June, European elections 2024'

    When are the next elections?

    The next elections will be from 6 to 9 June 2024.

    EU countries have elections on different days.

    For example,

    the Netherlands has elections on Thursday,

    and France has elections on Sunday.

  • A ballot goes into a ballot box with the text 'Vote'

    Why is it important to vote?

    When you vote,

    you choose the Members of the European Parliament.

    These Members make decisions

    that affect your daily life.

    For example,

    these decisions affect jobs,

    healthcare and the environment.

    Your vote matters.

    If you vote, you have a say.

  • An illustration of a woman speaking in front of an audience

    What are the rules of the elections?

    If you want to vote,

    you may need to register.

    You can only vote once in each election.

    You can vote if you are an EU citizen.

    You are an EU citizen if you are a national of an EU country.

    You can vote in the elections in the EU country of which you are a citizen.

    If you live in another EU country, you can vote there.

    You can only be a candidate in one EU country.

    This could be the EU country of which you are a citizen.

    Or, if you live in another EU country,

    you can be a candidate there.

  • A link with the text 'How to vote'

    Where can I find information on how to vote?

  • A link with the text 'Results'

    Where can I find the results of the elections?

    You will find the results on the website of the European Parliament.

  • Three illustrations: a coin with the euro symbol, a document with the text 'Law', and a man speaking in front of an audience

    What do Members of the European Parliament do?

    Members of the European Parliament are called MEPs.

    MEPs represent the 450 million people who live in the EU.

    MEPs look at plans for new EU laws.

    MEPs also change laws to make them better.

    MEPs and the Council of the EU decide on the EU budget.

    MEPs check how the EU is working.

    MEPs vote on trade agreements with countries outside the EU.

    MEPs elect the president of the European Commission.

  • Three figures (two women and a man) and the text '720 MEPs'

    How many MEPs will be elected?

    In 2024, 720 MEPs will be elected.

    The number of MEPs is decided before each election.

    The total number of MEPs cannot be more than 750 plus the president.

    There are currently 705 MEPs.

    Each EU country can have a minimum of 6 MEPs and a maximum of 96.

  • An illustration of a semicircle with sections in different colours. The sections represent the MEPs in different political groups in the voting room in Strasbourg

    What happens after the elections?

    The elected MEPs work to form political groups.

    Groups include MEPs from different countries and political parties.

    The groups have common aims.

    MEPs elect a president for the Parliament.

    MEPs also elect the president of the European Commission.

Find out more on the European elections home page.

Contact Europe Direct

For any further questions about the European elections please contact the European Union

Call from inside the EU: 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 (free phone)

Call from outside the EU: 0032 2 299 96 96 (standard international rate)